How to choose a cordless screwdriver

Everyone should own some basic tools and keep them at their home to be able to fix something in a pinch. One of these tools is definitely a screwdriver. But what’s better than a regular manual screwdriver? A cordless one.

A cordless screwdriver is used to insert and remove screws just like a normal screwdriver. Cordless screwdrivers are an innovative tool that is battery-powered and can do the job much faster and more efficiently. They are a must for people who regularly perform various construction tasks around the house. Some of the stronger cordless screwdrivers can even act as a drill.

There are also some corded electric screwdrivers available but their cordless countertops are much more popular. Cordless screwdrivers are portable and can be used anywhere, even in places where there is no power socket. Additionally, the risk of suffering from electric shock is also gone.

What to consider when buying a cordless screwdriver?


Check the screwdriver’s speed before you buy it. It is best if the screwdriver can operate at various speeds so that it can be used for different tasks. Lower speeds are used for driving into softer materials like board pieces. Cordless screwdrivers usually run from 300 RPM (Rotation Per Minute) to 800 RPM.


The better the battery, the longer amount of time it can be used continuously which is a good thing. However, a bigger battery often requires more time to be fully charged so keep that in mind.

Size and weight

If you are going to be using the cordless screwdriver a lot it might be worth considering buying something more lightweight. Holding a heavy tool for a long time can be very taxing and make your hands and arms hurt more than necessary. A smaller screwdriver usually means less power though so it might be useless during tougher construction jobs. It all depends on how you plan on using your cordless screwdriver.

What brands are best?

Due to their rising popularity, many makers release their own models of cordless screwdrivers. Some of the more commonly known are Dewalt, Bosch, or Worx. Another brand worth mentioning is Milwaukee.

Milwaukee is a renowned maker of heavy-duty power tools. Their history spans almost a hundred years and they produce a variety of tools from drills, saws, and hammers to cordless screwdrivers.

They have many models suitable for every need. Their 6545-6 model is probably one of the most compact cordless screwdrivers on the market. It has two speed settings (with reversing) and a swivel handle for comfortable use. It weighs only 14 ounces so it can be easily carried together with a toolbox full of other tools. Because of its small size, it is a good choice for working in cramped spaces. The 2401-20 model on the other hand has adjustable speed, giving the user the choice from 0 to 500 RPM. It weighs around 2 pounds so it should still be lightweight enough for most while providing a lot of versatility and more power. It has LED lights that show how much battery is left.

If you’re looking for your next addition to the toolbox, a Milwaukee cordless screwdriver is a good place to start.


Fun Camping Activities for Families and Friends

Planning a camping trip is one of the best things you could do if you want to do something special with your family or friends. Camping is great if you are looking for unforgettable memories while you explore the outdoors and get in touch with nature.

Usually, the best places for camping are mountains and lakes. These places offer great views, and they are always nice to explore. Whether you go with your parents, friends, children, or with your significant other, it’s guaranteed that you will experience amazing and memorable adventures.

What you should think of before you go camping

friends camping


To enhance the experience, it’s always a good idea to have a plan before you decide to go on a camping trip. You have to choose the right place for camping, and make sure to bring enough food. Making a reservation is also important.

Camping activities

Many fun activities can be done on a camping trip. Make a list of activities suitable for the persons you go with. However, you don’t have to worry too much about this because you can easily find something to do for everyone. There are many fun things to do during any period of the day.

If you don’t have many ideas for activities, here is a list that can help.


Playing games is one of the most popular camping activities for families or groups of friends. You can bring board games, or you can simply get a deck of cards. If you choose to bring with you a board game, make sure that it doesn’t take much space in your backpack, and it should be easy to set up on a picnic table.


Hiking is beneficial for everyone and is a must-do on every camping trip. While hiking, you can find interesting places and views. A hiking trip in the mountains, for example, is healthy and invigorating, and it can offer a better night’s sleep.

Build a campfire

It’s always exciting to build a campfire together. When you build the campfire, make sure to choose a safe place and use dry fuel. Also, if you have children with you, keep an eye on them if they play around the fire.


Cooking can be a fun activity if the whole group helps. You can cook various meals in a pot placed over the campfire. You can bring with you a small grill or a Dutch oven to prepare delicious recipes.

Night Stories

When the night sets, it’s time to get back in the tent – so why not start reading some stories, depending on everyone’s taste, they can be funny, shocking or if you have the guts for it – horror stories! For this you’ll need a big tent that can fit at least 4 people.

What to Look For in a Clothes Steamer

clothes steaming

For people who are extremely busy and those that have limited spaces in their homes, a garment steamer will be a better choice than an iron and an ironing board. Ironing clothes using a clothes steamer is easier and more efficient. Unlike an iron, a steamer can cover more fabric area at once, leaving you with a crease-free clothe in no time. Some steamers feature a wide range of vital steaming solutions that you can take advantage of for everyday use. But first things first, what is important to look in a clothes steamer?

  • The size

This should be determined by your needs. If you do not do so much steaming around your home, a small steamer will work just fine. For a user who only needs a steamer for their clothes, or for a small family of up to five people, a handheld steamer will be good to buy. There are a couple of handheld steamers that can hold up to 25 minutes of steam per fill, which is good enough for many household steaming tasks. However, for commercial steaming, where you are required to do a lot of steaming in a day, or you are constantly steaming heavy fabrics, a larger steamer will be the best choice.

  • Power

Power in a steamer is measured in watts. The higher the wattage, the quicker it will be for the steamer to heat up the water in its reservoir to allow for quick steaming. If you need a steamer that will work faster and produce best results in no time, go for one with a higher wattage. This is because more steam output is also dependent on the amount of power the steamer is consuming. With more steam output, you should be able to steam all types of fabrics, including the heavy ones. A low-powered steamer may not produce good results in a tough fabric with more stubborn creases.

  • The heat-up time

If you are an inpatient person, it is important to go for a steamer that shows a short heat-up time. This too will work for someone that is extremely busy and will not afford to lose a minute of their time. Fortunately, there are new clothes steamers on the market today that will start producing steam in less than a minute.

  • The steamer’s reservoir capacity

The amount of water the steamer can hold determines how long you can steam and the number of clothes you can steam before running out of steam. The steam will last for a longer time if your steamer’s reservoir capacity is high. For people who steam large number of clothes or bigger fabrics at once, a steamer with a higher reservoir capacity will always be a good choice.

  • Portability

If you are looking for a steamer you can always bring with you wherever you go, there are plenty of small portable steamers you can choose from today. These are good for around-the-house portability too. A steamer that cannot be used in another place or location, within and outside the house, will limit you and may not give you the convenience you need in such an important device. Make sure that it is less heavy, smaller in size and has wheels or anything that will allow for easy moving.

  • How to Steam Your Clothes

DIY Tutorial – Building a Dog House

A dog is man’s best friend. Obviously, your four-legged pal needs utmost care and affection and any dog owner would subscribe to that fact. Dogs are considered family for most people and they are even treated as such. For that reason, taking care of your canines is one of the foremost responsibilities of a dog owner. One of the things dog owners must focus on is to build a comfortable resting place for a dog. However, just like you spend a lot of time and effort thinking about your abode, utmost care must be taken while when you decide to build a dog house for your dog.

Here’s a very easy way to build one.

Start with a solid foundation: Dog houses are built of wood mostly. However, any kind of wood won’t do. Start with the size of your dog and try to build a house around its size – not the size when it’s a little puppy but the actual size it’s expected to grow to. If you are using artificial wood or pre-treated wood panels, make sure that you neutralize the chemicals since some of these can be harmful for animals. Better still, avoid using artificial wood panels altogether and use a quality wood glue.

Have a plan: As it is true for most things, don’t even begin to think about how to build a dog house without a plan. Start with the base in tune with the foundations you have approximated for the dog size (make allowances and build a much bigger dog house than what you expect your dog to grow up to). Similarly, construct or prepare panels for the four edges and make sure that the insides of the panels (the interiors of the kennel) are smooth. Also think of a roof with appropriate vents for air passage. Make sure you have a proper tool set, we highly recommend having a good set of screwdrivers.

Dogs need ventilation too: Make sure that you have enough vents (even actual small sized windows in proportion to the overall size of the will do) to allow for sufficient airflow and ventilation. Proper ventilation keeps the dog house from over-heating during summers and prevents suffocation for your dog. Think innovatively and avoid stacking up a doorway. Instead, arrange a thin plastic or rubber flap to work as a door and also make it easy for your dog to step in and out of its abode.

Elevate the dog house slightly: You will not want it be to level with the ground in the porch or in the garden for a variety of reasons — during rain there could be a possibility of water flowing into the dog house that’s certainly not good for the dog. Further, it keeps the dog out of contact with the damp soil (especially if it is in the garden).

Apart from the tips above, make sure that everything element that goes into building your dog house must be dog-friendly. Also, don’t forget to customize – like building a larger back door (that can be opened by humans, but other closed solid in the back acting like the back wall) so that you can come in and clean at regular intervals, painting your dog house in attractive colors, add over-hangs to the roof.

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Artists That are Fading in Time – Glory Days are Over

Duran Duran

Duran Duran

Duran Duran

John Taylor and Nick Rhodes formed Duran Duran in Birmingham, UK in 1978, naming the band after the villain “Dr. Durand Durand”, played by Milo O’Shea in Roger Vadim’s science-fiction film, Barbarella. The band’s first album, Duran Duran, was released on the EMI label in 1981. The first single, “Planet Earth”, reached the United Kingdom’s Top 20 at Number 12. A follow-up, “Careless Memories,” stalled at Number 37. However, it was their third single, “Girls On Film”, that attracted the most attention.

The song went to Number 5 in the UK. In May of 1982, they released their second album, Rio, which scored four UK Top Twenty singles with “My Own Way”, “Hungry Like The Wolf”, “Save A Prayer”, and the title song “Rio”. A headlining tour of Australia, Japan, and the U.S. was followed by a stint supporting Blondie during that band’s final American tour. In 1983, Duran Duran released their third album, Seven and the Ragged Tiger. Duran Duran has since gone on to release ten more albums. They have placed 14 in the Top 10 of the UK Singles Chart and 21 in the Billboard Hot 100 and have sold more than 70 million records.

Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac are a British/American rock band formed in 1967. It’s members consisted of Stevie Nicks, Mick Fleetwood, John McVie and Lindsey Buckingham. Fleetwood Mac’s first album, “Fleetwood Mac”, was a no-frills blues album and was released on the Blue Horizon label in February 1968. The album was hugely successful in the UK, hitting no.4, though it did not have any singles on it. The band soon released two singles “Black Magic Woman” (later a big hit for Santana) and “Need Your Love So Bad”.

The band’s second album, “Mr. Wonderful”, was released in August 1968. Like the first it was an all-blues album, but this time they made a few changes. The album was recorded live in the studio with miked amplifiers and PA system, rather than plugged into the board. This method provided the ideal environment for producing this style of music, and gave it an authentically vintage sound. Fleetwood Mac has since released fifteen studio albums and three live albums. In late 2008, Fleetwood Mac announced that the band would tour in 2009, beginning in March. As per the 2003-2004 tour, Christine McVie will not be featured in the lineup.

Joss Stone

Joss Stone

Joss Stone

Joss Stone is the stage name of Jocelyn Eve Stoker. She was born on April 11, 1987 in Dover, Kent, and spent her teenage years in Ashill, a small village in Devon. She is the third of four children born to Richard and Wendy Stoker. In 2001, at the age of fourteen, Stone auditioned for the BBC Television talent show Star for a Night in London singing Franklin’s 1968 Goffin-King hit “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman” and Whitney Houston’s 1998 “It’s Not Right but It’s Okay”. After passing her audition, she sang Donna Summer’s 1979 “On the Radio” for the broadcast, and eventually won the contest. Her debut album, The Soul Sessions was released on November 24, 2003.

As the highest debut of the week, The Soul Sessions entered the UK Albums Chart at number forty-seven the week of January 17, 2004, and reached its peak position of number four three weeks later. It spent twelve non-consecutive weeks in the top ten and seventy weeks altogether in the top seventy-five, including three re-entries in 2005. In 2004, Joss Stone released her second studio album, Mind, Body & Soul. In 2007, she released her third studio album Introducing Joss Stone. While not as commercially successful as Stone’s previous albums in her native UK, Introducing Joss Stone debuted at number two on the U.S. Billboard 200 selling 118,000 units in its opening week.

The Offspring

The Offspring

The Offspring

The Offspring is an American pop punk band formed in Huntington Beach, California in 1984. After recording a demo in 1988, The Offspring signed a record deal with a small-time label, Nemesis Records. Then in March 1985, the band teamed up with producer Thom Wilson (of Dead Kennedys, Social Distortion and The Vandals fame) to record their first album, titled The Offspring. In1991, The Offspring teamed up with Wilson again to produce the Baghdad 7″ EP. This EP was instrumental to the band’s signing with Epitaph Records. Wilson had been trying to get The Offspring to switch to Epitaph, a label run by Bad Religion guitarist Brett Gurewitz. Gurewitz felt that The Offspring was just not quite pronounced enough for his label, but Baghdad convinced him to give the band a shot. In 1992, Wilson and The Offspring returned to the studio to record their second album Ignition, which was released in October of that year.

The album exceeded all of the label’s and band’s expectations. The band went on tour for the next two years with other punk bands such as Pennywise, and ska punk bands like No Doubt and Voodoo Glow Skulls. The band released what would become their biggest selling CD, titled Smash in 1994. Fueled by the hit singles “Come Out and Play,” “Self Esteem,” and “Gotta Get Away,” this album set the all-time record for most units sold by an independent label band at 16 million records. Smash has continued to sell consistently well in the fifteen years since its release, and has also been certified 6x Platinum in the United States. The Offspring has since released five more albums and have enjoyed records sales of over 50 million albums worldwide.

Sara Bareilles

Sara Bareilles

Sara Bareilles

Sara Bareilles was born on December 7, 1979 in Los Angeles, California. After graduating from college in 2002, Sarah Bareilles performed at local bars and clubs, building a following, before performing in larger venues. She issued two demos of mostly live tracks in 2003: The First One in April and The Summer Sessions in October. In 2004, she appeared as a singer in a bar in the indie film Girl Play, performing the song “Undertow”. In January 2004, Bareilles released her first studio album, Careful Confessions. She signed a contract with Epic Records’ A&R executive Pete Giberga on April 15, 2005. The remainder of the year and early 2006 were spent writing and reworking songs for her upcoming album. Her song, “Gravity,” appears briefly in the 2006 independent film Loving Annabelle.

She also toured as the opening act in 2006 for Marc Broussard’s “Carencro” tour. In June 2007, iTunes featured Bareilles’ single “Love Song” as the free single of the week. The following month, her major-label debut Little Voice shot to #1 on the list of most downloaded albums of the music store in its first week of release, and debuted at number forty-five on the Billboard 200 chart. After being featured on a Rhapsody commercial in 2007, “Love Song” began climbing the pop charts, jumping from seventy-three to sixteen in one week. As of December 27, 2007, “Love Song” has entered the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100. Sarah Bareilles’ single, “Love Song” was certified 2x platinum in April 2008.

The Pussycat Dolls

The Pussycat Dolls

The Pussycat Dolls

The Pussycat Dolls are an American girl group and dance ensemble founded by choreographer Robin Antin in 1995 in Los Angeles, California. After attracting national attention, Antin eventually negotiated a record deal with Interscope Records in 2003, and the troupe was re-cast as a music group, comprising lead singer Nicole Scherzinger alongside Melody Thornton, Jessica Sutta, Ashley Roberts, Kimberly Wyatt and Carmit Bachar. On September 13, 2005, The Pussycat Dolls released their debut album, PCD. The album was a commercial success, and has gone on to sell over seven million units worldwide, spawning seven singles.

The album ended 2006 as the twenty-eighth best-selling album in the United Kingdom, with sales of 536,340 copies, in 2006 and 574,000 in 2005, for combined sales of over 1.1 million in the UK and as the sixteenth best selling album in the Netherlands. The album has sold in excess of seven million copies worldwide. On September 23, 2008, The Pussycat Dolls released their sophomore album, Doll Domination. The album debuted at number four on the Billboard 200, with 79,000 in first week sales. Internationally, The Dolls re-released the album from April 14, 2009 featuring several new tracks including remixes of “Hush Hush”, “Painted Windows”, “Top of the World” and worldwide smash-hit “Jai Ho (You Are My Destiny)”.