What to Look For in a Clothes Steamer

clothes steaming

For people who are extremely busy and those that have limited spaces in their homes, a garment steamer will be a better choice than an iron and an ironing board. Ironing clothes using a clothes steamer is easier and more efficient. Unlike an iron, a steamer can cover more fabric area at once, leaving you with a crease-free clothe in no time. Some steamers feature a wide range of vital steaming solutions that you can take advantage of for everyday use. But first things first, what is important to look in a clothes steamer?

  • The size

This should be determined by your needs. If you do not do so much steaming around your home, a small steamer will work just fine. For a user who only needs a steamer for their clothes, or for a small family of up to five people, a handheld steamer will be good to buy. There are a couple of handheld steamers that can hold up to 25 minutes of steam per fill, which is good enough for many household steaming tasks. However, for commercial steaming, where you are required to do a lot of steaming in a day, or you are constantly steaming heavy fabrics, a larger steamer will be the best choice.

  • Power

Power in a steamer is measured in watts. The higher the wattage, the quicker it will be for the steamer to heat up the water in its reservoir to allow for quick steaming. If you need a steamer that will work faster and produce best results in no time, go for one with a higher wattage. This is because more steam output is also dependent on the amount of power the steamer is consuming. With more steam output, you should be able to steam all types of fabrics, including the heavy ones. A low-powered steamer may not produce good results in a tough fabric with more stubborn creases.

  • The heat-up time

If you are an inpatient person, it is important to go for a steamer that shows a short heat-up time. This too will work for someone that is extremely busy and will not afford to lose a minute of their time. Fortunately, there are new clothes steamers on the market today that will start producing steam in less than a minute.

  • The steamer’s reservoir capacity

The amount of water the steamer can hold determines how long you can steam and the number of clothes you can steam before running out of steam. The steam will last for a longer time if your steamer’s reservoir capacity is high. For people who steam large number of clothes or bigger fabrics at once, a steamer with a higher reservoir capacity will always be a good choice.

  • Portability

If you are looking for a steamer you can always bring with you wherever you go, there are plenty of small portable steamers you can choose from today. These are good for around-the-house portability too. A steamer that cannot be used in another place or location, within and outside the house, will limit you and may not give you the convenience you need in such an important device. Make sure that it is less heavy, smaller in size and has wheels or anything that will allow for easy moving.

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